Friday, 2 March 2012

Photos from a talented friend.

My talented friend Yasmin sent me some lovely photos she'd taken.
I thought i'd share a few, hope she doesn't mind.

The Oratory Liverpool Cathedral
"Touched" Liverpool Biennial september 2010.
Yasmin Hussain.

Portmeirion, Wales January 6th 2010.
"An amazing road trip day."
Yasmin Hussain

"Fly High" 
Yasmin Hussain.


  1. Alright, the Oratory is the image that gets a comment out of me. That's a brilliant shot. Reminds me of the Japanese Tokyo exhibition in Milan 2008, they had hanging silk sheets hung above you as you entered, each lightly wafting when people passed through.

    1. Glad you liked the image, i will let Yasmin know. Will be googling that exhibition you talked about also, sounds amazing. Thanks.

    2. Hi Rachel,

      Tried googling it myself in nostalgia, found a video of the site AND installation - .. enjoy, it was impressive.

      - Seb

  2. Thanks so much Seb, checked it out. Amazing!!!! Impressive is definitely the word. Thanks for the link. Rach.